Herb Bush

Inducted in 1975
Born: 27-Jun-1910
Died: 22-Aug-1991
Age: 81
State: IL

Herb Bush of Canton, III. was runner-up once and placed fourth twice in a three-year period for the Grand American Handicap. He lost a shootoff for the championship in 1936 following a 98. He broke the second-high score of 99 in ‘37 and the second-high score of 98 in ‘38 but ended fourth each time, the latter year having to break 98 more to do it. Seven years later he was tieing for third in the Preliminary Handicap, and the next year was a member of the winning Illinois State team. In 1947 Herb placed third in the Champion of Champions race after 100 and 298x300, and he was runner-up in the Clay Target Championship after 200 straight. Two years later he broke 200 straight in Monday’s Introductory Singles to take the top AA award. In 1951 he was third in the Clay Target Championship, and he won the Dayton Homecoming Championship in 1955 (plus ending fifth in AA in the Class Championship) before capturing the Clay Target title in ‘57 with 200 and 75 in shootoff.

Herb Bush started firing on Friday preliminary day during the 1960 Grand American, and he didn’t miss a 16-yard target until Monday afternoon. He won Friday’s prelim singles with 100 and 50 in shootoff, Saturday’s prelim with 100 and carryover, and Sunday’s Dayton Homecoming with 200 straight and 50 in shootoff. Then he broke the first 100 in Monday’s introductory Singles before finally losing one.

In 1962 Herb broke another 200 straight at the Grand American, for third in the Clay Target. By 1964 he had broken 200 straight 18 times in a shooting career that began in 1932, entering his first 100 in 1935. During that time be won five Illinois singles titles: ‘46, ‘47, ‘48, ‘61 and ‘64, that last year with a 200. Attending 40 Grand Americans, he placed on All-America teams seven times from 1947 through 1961.