Hall of Fame nominees are selected from two groups: competitors—shooters who have made impressive records in shooting on an ATA-wide basis, and contributors—those who have contributed to the growth of trapshooting or to the betterment of the sport, also on an ATA-wide basis. Obviously, a shooter might have accomplishments in both of these areas.

Specific requirements for competitors are:

  • Shooters with impressive records on an ATA-wide basis who are still living and have been in active competition for a period of 20 years or more..
  • Shooters who are deceased and have honored themselves in trapshooting on an ATA-wide basis for a significant number of years.

Specific requirements for contributors are:

  • Living or deceased individuals who distinguished themselves on an ATA-wide basis by their contributions to the sport of trapshooting. This category can take on and is intended to have a broad meaning. Contributors are recognized for doing great service to our sport—such as inventions to aid our sport, promoting and publicizing our sport, and/or serving trapshooters on state, zone and ATA-wide bases.

All living currently-selected inductees must appear personally at the Trapshooting Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony during the Grand American unless physically incapable at the time of induction.

Submissions for the current year must be received at the Hall of Fame office before June 15 to be considered by the committee at the Grand American in August. Selections for the next year's induction are announced in the issue of TRAP & FIELD following the Grand American.

Nomination letters and completed biographical forms can be sent to us using the information on our Contact Us page.

CLICK HERE to download the Nomination Biographical Information Form.