Patron Sponsor
Steven & Darrell Karst, Russell, KS in memory of Gene Karts, Russell, KS
Hall of Fame Purse
Autumn Satellite Grand, Tucson T&SC, Tucson, AZ

Donations to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame are tax-deductible.

These funds are used to support the Hall of Fame Museum & Research Library, inductions into the Hall, and scholarships for college-bound high school seniors. The Hall also has a Capitol Improvement Fund.

Item donations to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame are catalogued, documented, and preserved to help save the A.T.A and its trapshooting history. These items are also tax deductible.

Unless asked to remain anonymous, all donors are listed in our HOF permanent computer records, in Trap & Field Magazine, and here on our web page.

Gift Categories:

Patron Sponsor = Cash contribution of $1,000 or more

Sustaining Gold Sponsor = At least $500 annually

Sustaining Silver Sponsor = $250 - $499 annually

Benefactor = Cash gift of $100 - $999

Sustaining Contributor = Cash gift up to $99

Item Donors = Any Trapshooting Memorabilia

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Hall of Fame Purse monies come from those who register their State/Zone/Grand shoots.