ATA's Longest Shoot-offs

Learn about some of the greatest shoot-offs in the history of trapshooting!


                  900 Targets

     Leo Harrison III and Foster Bartholow, 2008 Grand American Clay Target Championship, World Shooting and Recreation Complex, Sparta, Illinois.  After breaking 200, 59 contestants entered Wednesday evening's shoot-off's with only five remaining at the end of the night.  At the conclusion of the shoot-off's Friday evening, Bartholow and Harrison III posted 600 straight shoot-off targets and were scheduled to continue next evening. After Saturday's handicap event, both shooters assumed their position in front of the Grand Stands and again refused to miss, breaking 300 more extras. Leo and Foster agreed to accept co-championships when the offer was posed to them by incoming President Bruce Reed.

                  525 Targets

     Michael Blaisdell and Brian Whalen, 2005 Eastern Zone Singles Championship, Pennsylvania State Sportsmen's Association, Elysburg, Pennsylvania.  Twenty shooters posted field-high 199's but after two shootoff innings only four remained. After the seventh round, Blaisdell, Whalen and Kay Ohye were still vying for the title, going ten straight rounds before retiring for the evening. All three agreed to continue early Sunday morning before the Doubles Championship and remained straight after five more sets, or 375 without a miss. The overtime resumed following the doubles but Ohye, unable to stay, withdrew. Blaisdell and Whalen continued without a loss for seven more rounds, bringing their total long run to 550. Whalen missed his 568th target and Blaisdell too the championship 575 to 574. Ohye was given runner-up honors when Whalen selected the Open Winner trophy.



                  200 Targets

     Paul Markwalder and Dr. G. N. Furness, 1950 Illinois State Handicap Championship, Pines GC, Streater.  The title handicap event was contested on 50 targets, and after a perfect score in the program, young shooter Markwalder won the title by one with 193x200 in overtime.

                  175 Targets

     John Battles and Sean Hawley, 2007 Missouri Fall Handicap, Linn Creek.  Three shooters led the 1,111 member field with 100 straight in Saturday's Preliminary Handicap.  Twenty-yarder Battles adn back-fencer Hawley ran another 100 in overtime then posted 24-25 a piece before 16 year-old Battles won the top trophy, 24 to 23 in their seventh shootoff session.

                  150 Targets

     Arnold Riegger and Jack Wiley, 1959 Golden West Grand Handicap Championship, Reno, Nevada.  These two tied for fourth at 98, with Riegger winning by one with 146.

     Arnold Cohen and Vickie Larkin, 1989 Spring Grand Handicap Championship, Litchfield Park, Arizona.  Cohen earned the title for 99 plus 24-24-50-24-24 in overtime, while Larkin was runnerup with two less.

     Ray Stafford and Patrick McCarthy, 1993 Golden West Grand Saturday race, Reno, Nevada.  Twelve tied at 99 for High Gun.  Stafford adn McCarthy ran 100 extras from the 27 that day adn continued the next evening when Ray broke 24-25 to win by one.



                     1130      Sean Hawley         October 6, 2007 to February 21, 2008

      With his 100 on December 28 at Redlands (Cal.) SP, Hawley became the first on record to push past  900  registered doubles targets in a row without at miss.  He left the Missouri Fall tournament with a string of 34 twin breaks and added three perfect centuries at the Autumn Grand in Tuscon (Ariz.) in early November, then five in a row in a November 22nd marathon at Redlands.  Another 100 at Redlands on December 28th gave him a consecutive run of 934.

     Sean's next ATA targets were at teh Spring Grand in February at Tuscon, where he ran the first  doubles event on Wednesday.  Nearly completing another century, he lost his 97th target on Thursday.

                  847      Charles W. Long      August 15, 1998 to September 12, 1998

     The eight 100 straights in this run were entered at Spanish Fork (Utah), August 28-31 following a 98 at the Grand American August 15th and before a 198x200 at Roadrunner TC, Alamogordo, New Mexico on  September 12th.

               840      Leo Harrison III         July 19, 2002 to August 11, 2002

     The eight 100 straights in this run included three at Missouri TA, July 25, 26 adn 28; three at KCTA in Smithville, Mo., August 2-4; and two at the Grand American, August 8-9.  Leo started the run during a 98 July 19 at the Wisconsin State Shoot and ended it during a 97 at the Grand American on August 11th.

               794      Dan Bonillas            January 20, 1997

      Dan Bonillas broke seven 100's then 99, missing his 95th target at El Paso, (Texas) TC.  This remains the ATA one-day doubles long-run record.

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