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Induction Banquet Photos

To see the Induction Banquet Photos go to the official Grand Photographers webpage below

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Password: hof15 

2015 Scholarship Winners

The five students listed below have been awarded the 2015 Hall of Fame college scholarships at ceremonies at the recent Grand American in Sparta, Illinois.

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Jim Bradford, Jr.         Richard Marshall, Jr.     Jacque Snellenberger
      Norfolk, NE                        LIncoln, NE                       Coldwater, MI

The New Museum - Coming Soon!

The newest in technology from our builders:

Check out the pictures of the museum as it was being built.
No new pictures will be taken as the outside of the Museum is complete.
click link below:

Ground Breaking!

On Sunday August 10th, 2014, the museum had its Ground Breaking.

Photos courtesy of Trap & Field Magazine



HOF Annual Gift Letter

The Trapshooting Hall of Fame invites you to make a donation, receive recognition on their webpage, and in Trap&Field. 

Click here to see the HOF Annual Gift Letter.

Hall of Fame Sustaining Sponsors
Bill & LeeAnn Martin
have committed to giving
to the new museum!

Key Sponsor - The A.T.A. has committed $250,000 to the new museum





  • Jim Bradford, Jr.; Donation to acquire the Marvin Christian ATA Photo Collection

  • Dean Bright

  • The X.E. “Bus” Durant Scholarship Fund

  •  Earl H. Goetz Memorial Fund
    The Richland County Foundation

  • In Memory of Leo Harrison, III; From: Fellow Shooters, Friends, and Family of Leo

  • Bill &  Ruthie Hunter

  • Phil Kiner

  • In Memory of Lander Trap Club
    By: Torrington Gun Club

  • Dr. Ronald McGarry
    In memory of Dr. Howard McGarry

  • The Brophy Family of Shamrock Leathers

  • James Beasley of Tilden Trophies

  • Skip Trammell

  • Collette & Ondrea Weikum; In Memory of George & Eric Weikum

  • Neil Winston; In Memory of Jim Thomas, a long time A.T.A. member

  • Neil Winston; Donation to acquire the Marvin Christian ATA Photo Collection


  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bradford, Jr.

  • Tom Burkey

  • Dennis DeVaux

  • Kenny Ray Estes

  • Bob & Lou Ann Munson

  • Gerald Russo; In Memory of Pete Kelly & Paul Coniglio

  • Lawrence Russo, Jr.

  • Steven C. Williams; In Memory of Dr. Ed & Charlotte Williams

  • Amateur Trapshooting Association; In Memory of Leo Harrison, III

To see more donors or to make a donation click here.